We are a volunteer organisation, with a vision of the Takatu Peninsula being a pest and weed free buffer zone for the stunning Tawharanui Open Sanctuary.

Member Groups

Takatu LandCare is a cooperative of local environmental groups in the Takatu Peninsula area.  You can contact the group nearest you by clicking on the links.  If you are a member of a group not yet listed here, please join us.   


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Baddeleys & Campbells  (B&C on the map)

We got ourselves together about 10 years ago.  We have been working on the restoration of the Baddeleys Stream habitat, as well as completing and maintaining a network of traplines that 'ring fence' our Bay.  There has been a noticeable increase in birdlife during that time.  Kaka, kakariki and bellbirds now live here too.  Dotteral feed on the sandflats at low tide.

Buckleton Beach  (BKL on the map)

A group of dedicated locals attend to traplines and undertake weeding projects.  Bellbirds are nesting in the Bay.  We are working with Auckland Council to clear ginger and asparagus from the reserve and coordinate this with work on private properties.

Christian Bay  (CHR on the map)

Traplines have been installed and are regularly monitored.  We have had pateke in our wetland, kaka are well established, and we did have a wandering saddleback for a while.  We have had a number of working bees to remove climbing asparagus and woolly nightshade.  We are gathering ourselves to be more organised and improve the quality of trapping.

Omaha  (OM on the map)

A dedicated group of trappers regularly check a network of traps around the estuary, the old quarry and on adjacent private land to the south east.  The DOC-owned Taniko Wetland, an area of special ecological significance as a remnant of what was once extensive wetland habitat, is also looked after by this group.  The layout of traps is currently being reviewed and will soon be extended to include the sand dunes.  We are actively seeking more volunteers for trapping, data collection, and publicity.  If you are a local, or a holiday home owner keen to enhance your environment, please contact us.




Point Wells  (PW on the map)

The trapping team at Point Wells have installed and maintain an extensive network of traps, and even have Trap HQ, where everything required is kept on hand for use by a roster of trappers.