Takatu Peninsula is a place where native birds flourish and predator mammals and invasive weeds are controlled

Our Mission

Empowering the Takatu Peninsula’s biodiversity, Takatu LandCare is committed to fortifying the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary’s buffer zone while extending our reach across the entire peninsula. Through collaborative efforts with landowners, residents, and conservation groups, we restore natural habitats, control predators, and educate to foster coexistence and appreciation for our environment, creating a secure and vibrant haven where native wildlife thrives.

Check out how many rats stoats ferrets feral cats hedgehogs weasels mice we have caught

Our Strategies

Pest Plant Control

Identifying and managing invasive plant species: strategies for recognising, controlling, and eradicating threatening flora in the fragile ecosystem of the Takatu Peninsula, including effective spraying methods


Lyn, our Community Coordinator, collaborates with landowners and trappers to unveil the mysteries lurking in your backyard—highlighting potential threats and valuable finds. Through education, we not only inform but empower our community to take action and make informed decisions about their surroundings

Pest Animal Control

Easily accessible and incredibly effective, trapping offers a simple yet powerful way to control pest mammals on your property. Join the movement towards a Predator Free 2050 by taking action today. Reach out to us now to learn how you can begin

Key Stakeholders

TLC wishes to acknowledge the generous ongoing funding and operational support from Auckland Council for our Community Coordinators’, without which we would not be able to successfully implement our objectives and achieve sustainable outcomes for the benefit of our community.

Takatu LandCare acknowledges Ngāti Manuhiri as the advocate for cultural enhancement, environemntal and marine protection in our geographical area of interest.

We are appreciative of their support and collaboration in our efforts aimed at protecting and enhancing te taiao, in alignment with their kaupapa for the preservation of our natural heritage and the wellbeing of our whenua and moana.

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